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Proper-pullup demonstration

by Jacob Rodriguez

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Proper demonstration of a pull-up.

About the Presenter

Jacob Rodriguez

Jacob Rodriguez IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi my name is Jacob. I grew up in Fresno County, California and have been fascinated with fitness, health and human performance since a young age. I played sports like football and baseball throughout my youth with the love for sport and competition. However, I was very uncoordinated, with recreational asthma and on the heavier, unhealthy side of the spectrum. I was insecure because of this throughout elementary school and junior-high. When I entered high-school I continued to play sports. I became very skinny within a year of entering, but it was a scrawny skinny. I was very weak. So, when I was introduced to weight training by my Football Coach, I started training constantly in the gym and on the field to improve my size, strength and athleticism. By the end of my Junior year I had gained 25 lbs of muscle and was the strongest player overall on the team. I went on to win the Hoover Powerlifting Tournament, which is a tournament held in Fresno that 26 teams attended. My senior year I was elected team captain but suffered a detrimental head injury which ended my season. I went on that year to join wrestling. I gained the metal toughness for training through the rigorous training and toll of wrestling training, along with curing my asthma. I took 2nd in league that year at 171lb weight class and made it to regionals where my season ended. It was also in high school that I realized what field of profession I wanted t go into which is Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. After high-school I went on to play as line backer for a D3 Private 4-year college in Illinois called Greenville College. From my experience in athletics in both high-school and college I became accustomed to Strength &Conditioning training as well as explosive power training. I played a full season there before I suffered another head injury through freak accident at spring ball practice, which rendered me unable to play collision sports anymore. I transferred back home to California where I still continue my major in kinesiology. After transferring back I started training as a bodybuilder and competed in NPC Men's Physique Shows, and still do. Through this and my mentors I learned how to manage a person's diet in order to achieve certain goals, whether it be fat loss, building lean muscle mass, strength gains, or maintaining a health eating schedule. I then moved here to Santa Ana, CA where I attend college at SAC and work as a Certified Personal Trainer out of Iron Bodies Gym, helping all my clients reach their fitness goals. I do personal training because I love helping people lead a healthier lifestyle and love helping people reach their desired goals. It really gives me a satisfaction like no other.