Power chest workout

by Damien Johnson


Dumbbell chest press followed by plyometric push ups to a medicine ball. When doing a power workout the focus is the speed of the exercises. In this case the first exercise is done for 6 reps followed by the second for 10 reps. This workout can be done with 3 to 5 sets and a 3 minute rest between each set.

About the Presenter

Damien Johnson

Damien Johnson IDEA Author/Presenter

Having been in the fitness industry for over ten years Damien is considered an expert in his field. He has worked with clients from all levels and ages ranging from children to celebrities to professional athletes. Damien has an undying passion for fitness, a thirst for knowledge and always wanting to be challenged which he then passes along to everyone he encounters. He has appeared in newspapers and local radio speaking about the importance of health and fitness. As a leader and motivational speaker Damien is an ambassador to the health and fitness community.