Pilates with Rings and Bands

by Corne' Rutherford


During our Group Mat Classes our students experience body awareness, stronger core, body control, weight loss, how to prevent injury, and have better postures. We also focus on creating strength without bulk, increased flexibility and renewed energy. We use Flex Bands which offer a wide range of flexibility. A flex band adds resistance to any exercise, making your muscles work harder, become stronger and look toned. Adding resistance helps to burn more calories and get results faster. These bands can be used at any fitness level and age. The Pilates Ring represents a new way of thinking about how to best challenge multiple areas of the body. The rings add light resistance to Pilates exercises and help target specific muscle groups. They are used to help tone the arms, chest and thighs, increase the core strength challenge and assist in deep stretching.

About the Presenter

Corne' Rutherford

Corne' Rutherford IDEA Author/Presenter