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Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) Magazine's APRIL-2012 FEATURED VIDEO - Dumbbell Chest Press by Ken Baldwin

by Kenneth Baldwin

Description Thank you for your interest in watching Professor Ken Baldwin and recipient of IDEA's Personal Trainer of the Year Award instructional video on analyzing and performing a Dumbbell Chest Press Movement correctly. This video is from Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) Magazine’s FEATURED APRIL-2012-“Dumbbell Chest Press” by Ken Baldwin If you would like to learn more about the The National Posture Institute's Professional DVD Series - The Complete Resistance Training Program™ is designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, athletic trainers, allied medical professionals (physical therapists/chiropractors) interested in learning a detailed process to teach, analyze, and perfect resistance training exercises/movements for their clients/patients. Whether you are a professional or individual from the general public; learn how to perform biomechanically safe and effective resistance exercises and develop training programs to correct posture and body alignment and avoid exercise-related injuries! Order the 7 DVD Series here: In this Educational DVD Series, you will receive: • 7-DVDs (11 Hours/filmed in HD), includes, exercise design for chest/back/shoulders/arms/legs/trunk/core • 300+ videos filmed in multi-planes (lateral/anterior or posterior) providing unparalleled details on exercise performance • Exclusive lectures, instruction, and guidance by Ken Baldwin, Assistant Professor (State University of New York), NPI's Executive Director, & IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award Recipient • Professional instruction to improve posture/body alignment and exercise performance to prevent injury • Complete Exercise Modalities including: free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight training, stability balls, exercise tubing, etc... • Printable handout(s) to design personalized exercise programs You will be educated in the following: • Learn to choose and teach the safest exercise movement for specific muscle groups based on physiological, neurological, and biomechanical principles • Learn the proper method to teach, demonstrate, and grade/rank an exercise movement using NPI's Exercise-Movement Grading System™ • Learn how to develop observation, evaluation, educational, and feedback strategies • Learn the 3 phases of biomechanical/scientific analysis to perform resistance training exercises using free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight exercises, stability balls, exercise tubing, etc... • Learn how to sequence and select the best exercises to enhance a client's/patients posture and body alignment using NPI's Exercise Training Matrix™ ABOUT THE VIDEO and DVD AUTHOR: • Kenneth E. Baldwin is an Assistant Professor/Coordinator for the Undergraduate degree in Fitness and Wellness Leadership and is the Executive Director for The National Posture Institute, an educational/professional organization that educates allied health/fitness and medical professionals to become designated NPI-Certified Posture Specialists™. He is the Senior Editor/Lead Author for ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer (2nd Edition), former Chair of IDEA's Personal Trainer Committee, and recipient of IDEA's Personal Trainer of the Year Award. Ken can be reached via email at for feedback on the DVD series or if you have any additional questions. • "The DVDs will provide professionals an irreplaceable process to educate their clients/patients on executing biomechanically safe and effective exercise movements for the entire body." -- Kenneth E. Baldwin For more information about NPI's Resistance Training (7 DVD) Series or to register for NPI's Certificate Programs, please contact NPI at: W-888-240-2914 or to place an order- Join the Movement-Career Advancement as a NPI Certified Posture Specialist™ or NPI Resistance Training Professional™: Join the growing number of personal trainers (from the American Council of Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) /group exercise instructors (TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, etc...), physical therapists (American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), athletic trainers (National Athletic Training Association (NATA), chiropractors, and others that have a successful and rewarding career as an NPI Certified Posture Specialist™ or NPI Resistance Training Professional™ .

About the Presenter

Kenneth Baldwin

Kenneth Baldwin IDEA Author/Presenter

Biography-Professor Kenneth E. Baldwin Professor Ken Baldwin is a full-time Associate Professor and the Program Coordinator for the Online Master's Degree in Fitness and former Coordinator for the Fitness and Wellness Leadership Undergraduate Degree at the State University of New York’s (SUNY) Department of Fitness and Wellness since 2007. Ken has been working in an academic setting since 2000, and his first opportunity to teach and coordinate his first academic program was at San Diego State University (SDSU). He created SDSU’s Personal Trainer Certificate Program, a 6-month program that prepared individuals to become successful personal trainers. Professor Baldwin is best known for developing and implementing Purdue University’s Undergraduate Degree in Personal Fitness Training, the Nation’s first four-year degree program for students planning to pursue a career in personal training in 2004. It’s not only that this was the first four degree, but he is known for creating the current modern day academic model for undergraduate fitness/exercise science degree structure that incorporates clinical rotations, practical course work, and business classes into degrees focusing on fitness, personal training, kinesiology, sports performance/strength and conditioning, and exercise science. Ken has received national recognition from numerous media outlets for his achievements in creating this academic degree model, including Newsweek, L. A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, Athletic Business, WRTV-TV 6, MSNBC.COM, Fitness Business News, the Associated Press, IDEA Fitness Journal, Fitness Professional Online, New York Newsday, Club Industry, IHRSA, and Personal Fitness Professional for establishing both Purdue's Personal Training and SUNY's Fitness degree. NOTE: You can review national articles focusing on Purdue's Personal Trainer and SUNY's Fitness Degree programs by going to Ken’s Degree Articles Tab. Ken is also the Executive Director for The National Posture Institute (NPI), an educational and professional organization that provides certificate programs for personal trainers/group instructors and allied health/medical/fitness professionals to receive the National Posture Institute-Certified Posture Specialist and NPI’s Certified Resistance Training Professional designation. He has served in state and national leadership roles, and is the former Chair of IDEA’s National Personal Trainer Committee and Chair of the Senior Fitness Subcommittee for the Massachusetts’s Governor’s Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports. He’s served on national committees for American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal Trainer and Certification Development Committee, AAHPERD, and the Medical Fitness Association (MFA). He’s been awarded Boston’s Best Personal Trainer three times and is the Recipient of the IDEA’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award. Ken is the Senior Editor, content expert, and lead author for ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer Textbook (2nd Edition). Ken has been involved in the fitness, wellness, and education profession for over 20 years. With an extensive background in the fitness industry which includes operating and managing a personal training company, to training many types of populations from children to seniors and beginning exercisers to athletes, to lecturing and consulting at college/university departments, corporations, public events, national conventions (ACSM Health and Fitness Summit, Club Industry, IDEA World Conference, AAHPERD, International Council of Active Aging, Canadian Fitness Professional Conference, NCOA, World Class Conference in Moscow, Russia, International Federation on Aging, and the Medical Fitness Association, to name a few) and international conferences. In addition to his industry experience, he is actively involved in working with national organizations and colleges/universities in developing educational standards for those wishing to enter the Personal Fitness Training and Health/Fitness Profession.