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by Keli Roberts

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These athletic drills utilize mini hurdles. If you don't have any, you could either use a book on the end, a tall book, or put together some PVC piping and make your own. This drill focuses on one leg knee drive. Step through the hurdles with one leg only and have the other leg as a peg leg. Only work in one direction. It's important to note that hurdles should tip, so you never want to come back in this direction because they won't tip properly if you trip on them and you can sprain your ankle. Now, as a progression, lift the knee up much higher. Pick that knee up and step through a little faster. And, once again, only use one leg. As our final progression, speed this up.

About the Presenter

Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts IDEA Author/Presenter

Keli Roberts?is a specialized tier-three personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena, California. She is a master trainer for Schwinn® Cycling and Gliding?, a Kettlebell® Concepts-sponsored athlete and is on the BOSU® development team. Keli is also known for her award-winning videos, books and training seminars. She is a spokesperson for ACE, a 2007 inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame and was awarded the 2003 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award.