Partner Situps & Pushups & Progressions

by Gary Fernandez


This is just a short video with some ideas for partner workouts, good for any group setting. Workouts can always be progressed even more, this is just an example. Please Comment, Like and Subscribe. More videos coming soon. like us on Facebook:

About the Presenter

Gary Fernandez

Gary Fernandez IDEA Author/Presenter

In the last 5 years of being a competitive amateur boxer and mma fighter, most of my experience has been with fighters, wether it was making weight, conditioning, or going over fighting techniques. Within the last year and a half i have spent more time learning more and more about nutrition and physical fitness. I have recently begun to work more with exercise beginners and the overweight population. I've learned that all though not everyone is fighter we all have one within ourselves. I do my best to help my clients understand they too are fighters with it be fighting a health condition, fighting to break bad habits, or fighting to reach a goal they may think is impossible to reach. No goal no matter how big or small is impossible as long as you keep that fighting spirit. Fighting will always be a part of my life but becoming a personal trainer has opened my eyes to a whole new and exciting world of health & fitness. Using my new and ever growing knowledge of fitness and nutrition i have become a better trainer in both the fighting and the fitness world, and i don't plan on stoping any time soon!! "Unleash The Fighter Within!!"