PaddleFit Commercial Sparks Marina Sparks Nevada

by Lisa Gonzalez


PaddleFit is a complete fitness system that takes you through a full physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals through paddling technique and water based workouts. We will spend the majority of our time on the water which builds strengths both physically and mentally. You have two options to join PaddleFit: Your first option is to become a monthly member and your second option is to pay a per class fee. The PaddleFit monthly membership allows you to go through a full physical assessment, set clear goals and objectives and establish a game plan to achieve those goals. Once you are a monthly member you will have full access to all of our classes, training sessions and guidance from our professional team. All of our classes are 10 people and under, so we can focus on individual performance and instruction. PaddleFit classes take place both at our indoor training facility and at a variety of amazing outdoor locations that are hand selected to provide you with an amazing experience and a killer workout. Whether your goals are weight loss, improving your overall health and conditioning, pushing your paddling technique to new heights or you just want a refreshing approach to working out that truly works, we have a program for you and we are excited to have you. Our main focus will be to help you achieve your goals and have fun, so the hard work you invest pays off and becomes a part of your healthier and happier lifestyle. We want you to be a part of our growing PaddleFit community.

About the Presenter

Lisa Gonzalez

Lisa Gonzalez IDEA Author/Presenter

I am an experienced Certified Personal Trainer currently training at Marina PaddleFit and Paddleboard Fitness shop at the Sparks Marina. I appeal to women and men who want to learn new skills in the gym and on the paddleboards, because of my energy level; enthusiasm; my passion for training and my innovative program design. I am known for my ability to work with a wide range of clients from special populations to elite athletes and other personal trainers. My client’s ages range from seven to 80 years old. It has been my personal experience that SUP is definitely for those who wish to build core strength, endurance, have a goal of shredding fat from their bodies, and those who want to see drastic body composition changes in a very short period of time. SUP Fitness is an amazing and challenging workout. Whether you are just starting out or at a plateau in your fitness program, you will benefit from the mind and body benefits of core and balance training. I specialize in working with special populations. Fitness is for everyone and I intend to make sure any client that wants to add fitness into their lives can do so in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment with modifications and progressions that will ensure their success. Fitness is for life. Let's do this!