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Original BODY BAR routine for Skechers Corporate Fashion Show 2011

by Delf Enriquez


This Body Bar routine was for six (6) 8-count lines, or a phrase-and-a-half of music. As much as I wanted to keep the routine more repetitive and all front-facing, my instructions were to come up with visually-interesting choreography. Thus, I kept the repetitions low, and added turns and jumps.

About the Presenter

Delf Enriquez

Delf Enriquez IDEA Author/Presenter

Delf Enriquez is a former Tier4 coach and T4 program manager for Equinox in Century City. He currently trains private clients, teaches various fitness classes for Equinox all around Southern California, and blogs/tweets/posts about anything fitness-related that comes his way. He takes on fitness consulting projects that utilize his many years of successful fitness program management, along with his passion for program design. A former champion in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Delf believes in constant self-improvement and passes along all that he learns, both in fitness, and in life.