On-The-Go Fitness!

by Kelly Irish


Are you unable to stick to a set schedule or travel to my studio for Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching? Do you prefer to work out at home, at the park, or at your favorite gym but can't afford the cost of a Personal Trainer? Look no further! I will implement a program design just for you for as low as $6 per workout!

About the Presenter

Kelly Irish

Kelly Irish IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach with over 5 years of experience in helping people lose weight! After losing 75 pounds myself, I decided to make a career out of helping others. It has been my mission to share with other women (especially moms) how to look and feel their best! I even was featured on the cover of Woman's World Magazine in 2014 to share my transformation. I understand how hard it can be to struggle with weight, because trust me I have been there and turned my passion for fitness into reality! I always go above and beyond what other trainers will do to get my clients amazing results and satisfaction with our workouts. Just check out my add-on service offerings! I do it all. My Personal Training and Plant-Based Nutrition programs can take place completely online. If you want a top notch trainer with excellent reviews and proven results, call me at 480-270-4968. I specialize in vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets. My mission is to personalize your fitness program to suit YOUR needs and get you the results YOU want! Text me for information, I can change your life starting today! 480-270-4968