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Muay Thai

by U-FIT, LLC Personal Training

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A kickboxing class great for anyone at any fitness level, beginner to advanced.

About the Presenter

U-FIT, LLC Personal Training

U-FIT, LLC Personal Training IDEA Author/Presenter

U-Fit is committed to giving you a fully customized training and fitness experience that will help you reach your fitness goals fast and effectively. Our mission is to inspire our clients to make a lifestyle change through motivation, education, and leadership. Our trainers truly have a passion for fitness and most of all, your results! Fitness is much more then just weights and cardio. It's a lifestyle. That's the approach we take to training. It's all about the total lifestyle change. Fitness and life are really about challenging yourself to do things that you never thought you could do. That's our base philosophy on training; we will help you find the drive and will power to accomplish the goals you never thought were possible. Results are driven not only by motivation, but through a step by step personalized exercise routine that best fits your lifestyle. We believe that working toward and achieving your fitness goals will not only improve your appearance, but will most importantly improve your total outlook on life. As a team we have a total of 14 years of personal training experience, along with 3 years of professional nutrition experience. We've worked with clients ranging from kids to athletes to clients in their 70s. We also have had experience working with shoulder, knee and lower back injuries. Michael Budensiek - Owner, Paul Elmore - Owner, Jermaine Edgar - Trainer, Jon Tribby - Trainer