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Metabolic Conditioning Group Class

by Frank Rodriguez

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Metabolic Conditioning Group Class

About the Presenter

Frank Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez IDEA Author/Presenter

Prior to the fitness industry, Frank composed and produced music recordings for various multi-platinum selling recording artists such as: Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, and Salt of Salt-N-Pepa. His collaborative works led to several productions on multi-platinum selling projects, resulting in album sales of $8 million in the USA and $20 million globally for EMI Christian Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Frank Rodriguez is certified for over six years by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recognized in the Health & Fitness industry as one of the top training organizations in the USA & Globally. He has participated in different sports throughout his life, basketball being his personal favorite. Frank continues to expand his education in exercise science and in areas of human performance, passionately committed to the highest standards in personal training and lifestyle management. He is able to better serve his clients, which include: Professional ballet/contemporary dancers, recreational/competitive athletes, corporate executives to everyday people seeking to improve their health, fitness, functionality, and overall performance. Frank’s blueprint for designing individual and group training programs is structured in research proven methods that have functional applications for pre/post rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, and athletic training. He believes the key is to train hard but train smart. To fuel your body with proper nutrition, and implement correct stress management, rest & recovery techniques, resulting in fat loss, increased lean muscle and enhancement of total performance.