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Limitless SC Power Hour Bootcamp

by Ken Morris


The Limitless Power Hour Bootcamp is a 60 minute total body workout that combines strength and conditioning with interval training. This fun and exciting program is designed so all ages and all fitness levels can train at once in a motivational and supportive group. Each exercise, from basic to advanced, will be demonstrated before the workout and coached during the workout to ensure proper technique. Our proven training method is unique and designed to give you a clear path towards achieving all your fitness goals. There is NO reason to be stuck training in a gym with boring music, unmotivated people texting and talking away on their cellphones, and a poor atmosphere that just brings you down. If you want to get the edge with your training, both physically and mentally, our doors are open and we are ready to take you to your goals and beyond.

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About the Presenter

Ken Morris

Ken Morris IDEA Author/Presenter

I am the Owner/Head Coach at Limitless Strength and Conditioning in Deerfield Beach Florida. After working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Florida and University of Toledo I decided to use my talents to run my own facility out of South Florida. I opened Limitless to bring truth to the fitness industry, to train all people of all abilities and to help them reach goals they never thought were possible. We do things the right way here, we train hard, and we believe in what we do. Coaching is my life, not something I decided to get a week long certification in and then claim myself to be a guru. I've learned from the best, learned from under the bar experience, and now want to bring my knowledge to people looking for real training, real coaching, and real life changing results.