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LEGS AROUND THE WORLD - 10 exercises in 10 minutes - episode 17 with Yvette Salva

by Yvette Salva


To stay up to date with my latest workout videos each week make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the button below this video. 1. Forward Lunge - Right side 2. Side Lunge - Right Side 3. Reverse Lunge - Right Side 4. Curtsy Lunge - Right Side 5. Single Leg Dead Lift - Right Side 6. Forward Lunge - Left Side 7. Side Lunge - Left Side 8. Reverse Lunge - Left Side 9. Curtsy Lunge -Left Side 10. Single Leg Dead Lift - Left Side Great work everyone! See you next week Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Type of Workout: Lower Body Time: 10 Minutes

About the Presenter

Yvette Salva

Yvette Salva IDEA Author/Presenter

NASM certified ACE certified AFFA certified