Knee Strengthening Exercises

by Becky Williamson


Can't do lunges or squats due to achey knees? Watch coach Becky, boomer fitness coach at, as she shows you 4 exercises you can do at home that may help strengthen your hips and thighs and decrease your knee pain.

About the Presenter

Becky Williamson

Becky Williamson IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm a 28+ veteran of the fitness industry and I specialize in metabolic strength/cardio workouts that give my clients better results in LESS time! I spend most of my time coaching group boot camp workouts in San Jose, Los Gatos and Campbell. I also help Silicon Valley Human Resources professionals create well rounded corporate wellness programs that result in better employee engagement and a healthy corporate culture. Although I work with all age groups, I especially love working with women over 50 to teach them how to boost their metabolism and maintain their muscle as they age.