Single Leg Chair Squats - JLM Women's Fitness

by Jennifer Mirzabegian (Wilkinson)


Move of the week: Single Leg Chair Squats Single-leg exercises will help build better balance, coordination and body awareness. They not only work the obvious larger muscles like the gluteus maxims, quads and hamstrings, they also work the smaller muscles like the abductors, gluteus medius, and quadratus lumborum in ways we can't duplicate training two legs at a time. Targets: Butt (glutes), Quads, Core & Hamstrings, Quadratus Lumborum Step 1: Sit on the edge of your chair with your knees bent at a 90 angle. Shoulders should be rolled back and away from your neck, with a straight back, abs tight. Extend one leg and both arms straight out in front of you. Step 2: Stand up; Press through the heel that's on the ground to stand up. You'll be using a TON of core work for stability that will keep you from falling over. Make sure you fully stand all the way up and then slightly press your hip forward to give your glutes an extra squeeze. Step 3: While keeping your balance on one foot and your arms still out in front of you, shift your hips back and down to sit back into your chair. Make sure you are not leading with your knee when sitting back down. Always lead with your hips first. Repeat each leg 8-15 reps, 3 sets. Note: To help keep your balance, find a spot in front of you and stay focused on it throughout this exercise. Tall straight back and abs engaged the entire time as well. Follow me on facebook;

About the Presenter

Jennifer Mirzabegian (Wilkinson)

Jennifer Mirzabegian (Wilkinson) IDEA Author/Presenter

Jennifer is a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer through National Personal Training Institute, of Chicago (NPTI). She specializes in women's weight-loss, toning, flexibility, stabilization and endurance work ranging from beginner to advanced workouts. She'll help you launch a smart exercise program, move beyond stubborn plateaus, and reenergize your workouts right in the comfort of your own home. Her love for physical fitness began years ago back in middle school. Her background includes cheerleading, soccer, water skiing and field hockey. As well as watching the Chicago Bears and Blackhawks play. Jennifer believes that physical fitness leads to more confidence, higher energy, achieved accomplishments and success in many areas in your life! All you need is determination and a positive attitude, but most all…belief in yourself!