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Jim Cassell with Francis Duggan (11 year old)

by Jim Cassell


Francis has had total Doctor's clearance to perform these feats of strength. I have had the pleasure of teaching Francis since he was 9 years old. His father Patrick Duggan has made a gym in his basement and supports his son in all aspects. Age: 11 Weight: 110 lbs Sports: Wrestling, Football, Power Lifting

About the Presenter

Jim Cassell

Jim Cassell IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a Personal Trainer with 25 years of experience with multiple AFAA certifications. I have trained over 1000 individuals across the US from high school and college athletes to those clients wanting to lose weight or tone up. I have a specialty in weight room training with an extensive knowledge of power moves like the clean and jerk. I have also taught Absolute Abs and Kickboxing classes. I truly enjoy changing people's lives and want to be accessible to everyone who wants to add exercise to their life!