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Jim Cassell takes Dwayne DeFoor through a Home Bicep Circuit

by Jim Cassell


Jim Cassell takes Dwayne DeFoor through a home bicep circuit. Dwayne first warmed up with a set of standing barbell curls then into a reverse barbell curl followed by a modified drag curl....all with the bar only. I then had Dwayne perform a series of exercises with dumbbells only...with no rest in between. The exercises ranged from the Standing, Hammer, Alternating, Combination Hammer/Reverse, Weight Plate, Seated Preacher & Hammer, 45-Degree Prone, and Incline curls. Dwayne then finished with a Drop Set from 45 lbs down to 5 lbs followed by a Zottman curls and a final set of Kneeling curls. Use one or use several of them in any sequence.

About the Presenter

Jim Cassell

Jim Cassell IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a Personal Trainer with 25 years of experience with multiple AFAA certifications. I have trained over 1000 individuals across the US from high school and college athletes to those clients wanting to lose weight or tone up. I have a specialty in weight room training with an extensive knowledge of power moves like the clean and jerk. I have also taught Absolute Abs and Kickboxing classes. I truly enjoy changing people's lives and want to be accessible to everyone who wants to add exercise to their life!