How to perform Arm Band Exercises

by Beth Hoover


Hi, I'm Beth Hoover, and today I'm gonna show you how to perform arm band exercises. Using a resistance tool to increase the lean mass of the arms is a great way to give the arms a nice lean look and to give muscle definition. Today, I'm gonna show you how to perform a bicep curl and a tricep extension. For the first exercise, we're gonna use a long band to work the biceps. We're gonna begin the exercise by standing on the band with both feet about shoulder width apart. Standing up nice and tall abdominals pulled in tight and elbows in at the waist palms facing forward perform a bicep curl. Make sure you exhale as you pull up, inhale as you release making sure to squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement. For the second exercise we're gonna perform a tricep extension. Placing one foot on the band we're gonna begin with the palms facing in towards the body, elbows in at the waist and with the right arm we're going to push straight back. Elbows staying in at the waist and squeeze at the top of the movement isolating that tricep. Both of these exercises are great for using the resistance band and tightening and toning the arms. Read more:

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