HoopCore Workout

by Betty Shurin AKA 'Hoops'

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This is just a video of a few isometric and plyometric moves that we do with the hoop. Personal trainers can use this for their clients in small spaces and group fitness instructors have a whole formatted program to use with great music.

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About the Presenter

Betty Shurin AKA 'Hoops'

Betty Shurin AKA 'Hoops' IDEA Author/Presenter

I am excited to educate and inspire people through my HoopCore Fitness program. This is a workout that blends yoga alignment, physiotherapy, extreme sports and dance. My program is fun and easy for everyone to use. I designed a collapsible hoop, factory made. It is effective for people up to 240 pounds and adjusts 2 sizes in 1. The smaller size is used for upper body cross training and the larger size is used for core conditioning and weight loss. I am told that I am one of the only hula hoop fitness instructors who focuses on body mechanics and uses exercise science to format my programs. I also have 2 World Records and have broken them 3X. My passion is to bring the power and playfulness of mountain sports into the gym! I live in Aspen and travel to host private and public teacher trainings, classes and workshops.