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Home Bootcamp Workout: 3-minute Abs #2

by Noel Chelliah


Today, me and Coach Ming from my Transformation Camp (Malaysia's most talked about Bootcamp program) are going to show you another awesome and easy-to-follow 3--minute ab circuit, using your own bodyweight that you can add to any workout routine you are currently doing right now. It's also perfect to add on to your off-day to ramp up your fat burning hormones and keep burning fat 24/7. 3-minute Abs: List of Exercises in the circuit: 1) Thread the needle - 6 reps each side 2) Bicycle crunches - 20 reps x 4 rounds! Perform 6 reps of the 'thread the needle' on both sides, immediately followed by 20 reps of the Bicycle Crunches. And of course... it doesn't end there! You keep going on for another 3 rounds, for 4 rounds total of ab strengthening awesomeness. If you want more short home bootcamp-style workouts like this one, check out my blog below:

About the Presenter

Noel Chelliah

Noel Chelliah IDEA Author/Presenter

Noel Chelliah is the founder of DailyMuscle, and runs unique fun-focused outdoor bootcamps in tropical Malaysia. Noel's approach to fitness is simple - he believes that everyone deserves to belong, and that fitness is an invitation, and never intimidation. As a fitness leader in Malaysia and an ACE-certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Specialist, Noel's programs have been featured on Malaysian TV, Radio, SHAPE Magazine and on a weekly TV Fitness show on ASTRO Vbuzz. In 2012, Noel won the Asia Fitness Convention 'Fitness Idol' competition, recognizing him as of of Asia's elite presenters and coach.