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Hip Replacement Gluteus Medius Strength Pre & Post Operation

by Jody Kennett


This is the clam shell exercise which is one of the best exercises you can do to get your gluteus medius muscle strong prior to and post hip replacement surgery. The technique and form used to execute this exercise is crucial to ensure the activation of the muscle. You may need to place a foam block between your knees for comfort at the hip joint and you may also like a pilllow under your head. The gluteus medius is an endurance muscle and therefore at least 12-15 repetitions should be done and 1-2 sets.

About the Presenter

Jody Kennett

Jody Kennett IDEA Author/Presenter

Wow, what an exciting 16 year journey it has been in this fabulous fitness industry. The adventure has taken me from creating a gold standard group training class, to running my own mobile training business, to designing a posture program with a physiotherapist, to writing eBooks, and teaching a train the trainer course on a niche population. Some of the areas I have expertise in are: joint replacement, weight loss, cross training for runners, healthy back programs, women's health, posture, youth, functional training programs, and Parkinson's. My educational training began at Simon Fraser University with a diploma in Kinesiology and I am also a certified ACE Advanced Exercise Specialist. As an avid learner with a keen interest to stay up to date, I have attended numerous IDEA fitness conferences to get trained from the top experts in our industry. For 10 years I lead the joint replacement classes for people with arthritis preparing for and recovering from knee and hip replacement surgery. From the experience I gained through the years, I designed a full day workshop and manual for personal trainers on how to design training programs for clients pre and post hip or knee operation. Realizing that there was a demand for this knowledge for clients as well in all areas of the world, I went to work on creating 2 ebooks on hip and knee replacement exercises. They can be found at Knee Replacement Exercises and Hip Replacement Exercises The Core Posture exercise program that Cathy Watson, a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, and I designed together can be found at