High Intensity Training (HIT) advanced technique-Post fatigue negatives

by Chris Lutz


A demonstration of the HIT advanced technique post fatigue negatives. Using the Nautilus chest press, you'll perform a set to positive fatigue. The trainer or partner will then assist into the fully extended position and the trainee can slowly fight the resistance on the negative. Usually a range of 3-5 negatives are enough to add sufficient intensity to a normal set to fatigue.

About the Presenter

Chris Lutz

Chris Lutz IDEA Author/Presenter

Chris Lutz is author of the books, Start, Operate, and Grow Your Personal Training Business and The Business of Personal Training. He is the owner and founder of S.P.A.R.T.A. - Sports Performance and Resistance Training Association. S.P.A.R.T.A. offers business tools and resources to other personal trainers and fitness professionals in the industry. https://www.spartatraining.com