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High-Intensity No Equipment Workout

by Kimberly Fleming

Description Try this high intensity workout at home, at the gym, or at a park. No expensive equipment is needed. You can engage in an amazing workout using just your body weightnand burn lots of fat and calories. Follow me on twitter and tweet me how you like it

About the Presenter

Kimberly  Fleming

Kimberly Fleming IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a health/fitness Nut. I heart everything that's aimed at improving an individual’s overall lifestyle. My love for exercise grew from my involvement in track & field sports as a young kid and my continuing involvement in it throughout college. The sport taught me so much beyond how to run a race or clear a 300 hurdle. It taught me tenacity, endurance, and how to finish any race that I start in life despite how difficult it may seem. I found comfort in exercise and found myself relieving stress by running. I wanted to celebrate accomplishments by running and anything that would help me become a better runner is something I took interest in. I began to focus on strength training and flexibility which all improved my overall fitness level. The optimum fitness I achieved on my own made me eager to share my knowledge with friends and family so that they can become fit and healthy. Eventually, outsiders were thirsty for my knowledge and at this point (5 years ago) I decided to dedicate my life to share my passion with the world and help people achieve what is vital to a longer/healthier life. This is something that many people are constantly struggling with day to day. My goal is to bring knowledge to the world so that we no longer look at being fit as a burden. I want to change the mindset that fitting a few minutes of exercise into our daily routine will set us back. Many of us know the importance of exercise and healthy eating, however in this cyber world full of emails, conference calls, and frequent status updating we need help implementing it in our lives. I want to go beyond helping you shed a few pounds or gain a few muscles. My vision is not for you to be able to close your eyes, hold your breath and walk past that donut stand that you love, but it is for you to stop at the donut stand, smile, and walk away because you don't even desire it anymore. I want to change your perception of healthy living. This site and my sessions will help you place reasons/knowledge behind every step during your fitness program so that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. It can be done. I know it as long as you Keep It Moving...