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Hamstring Curl Alt

by Keli Roberts

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Training the hamstrings without heavy equipment can be really challenging, which is why it's great to do this on paper plates. Rest your heels on a set of paper plates and then do a hamstring curl. Lift the hips up and take one leg out, sliding it. Then slide it back in and put the other leg out and slide it back in. After that, lower the hips. That's one repetition. Repeat that for 8 to 12 per side. For our next progression, do a bilateral leg extension hamstring curl. Lift the hips up into a bridge, glide both feet out slowly, pull them in and then put the hips down. Then repeat. Hips up, glide out, glide in, and back down. You're going to find that that's more than enough work for your hamstrings.

About the Presenter

Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts IDEA Author/Presenter

Keli Roberts?is a specialized tier-three personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena, California. She is a master trainer for Schwinn® Cycling and Gliding?, a Kettlebell® Concepts-sponsored athlete and is on the BOSU® development team. Keli is also known for her award-winning videos, books and training seminars. She is a spokesperson for ACE, a 2007 inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame and was awarded the 2003 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award.