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Godfrey Smith Pro Day and Training

by Mitch Ryan


This video features Godfrey Smith through the process of the Mitch Ryan Training Program. He just finished his last football season at the University of San Diego as a wide receiver. We did a base test on the NFL Combine events and then compared them with how he finished a few months later at the San Diego State University Pro Day. The middle of the video includes some of the training process. He greatly improved in just a few months time. This training program can dramatically help anyone increase their speed and strength.

About the Presenter

Mitch Ryan

Mitch Ryan IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a personal trainer and a sports performance coach. I love sports and training for them is my passion. Improving strength, speed and overall athletic ability are my specialties. I know what it takes to train and perform well at the college and professional levels. I have been there and I have experienced it. I want to pass on what I have learned through my sports career. I have played almost every sport with football, basketball and track being a few of my favorites. If I had to say one thing I am good at it is kicking peoples butts with training and helping them achieve levels of performance they never thought possible. I can help anyone accomplish their athletic goals. Contact me and see for yourself (209) 304-7642.