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Glute & Hamstring Exercise on Stability Ball

by Steve Vicera


Glute & Hamstring Exercise on Stability Ball

About the Presenter

Steve Vicera

Steve Vicera IDEA Author/Presenter

I founded Sommet Fitness located at Bell/ 101 in 2007 and recently opened our 2nd location Sommet Pilates & Yoga Lincoln/Scottsdale, Arizona. For over 20 years, I have been helping people reach their goals for better function, greater fitness, and an overall sense of well being. My philosophy is concentrating on core strength and stabilization. This integrated training approach complements the body – makes it more functional and improves its appearance. Im a certified ACE Personal Fitness Trainer. I was a champion in body building in 1989, earning titles in the “Super Body Fitness” and “Mr. Philippines” competitions in the 1990’s. Presently, I am a Stott-certified Pilates Instructor. I specialized in spinal stabilization and corrective exercise. My main emphasis is on safety and function, specialized on clients with back pain. My Pilates story begins after externally reaping the fruits of intense bodybuilding and power lifting regimen but internally my body was straining to keep up with me. One of my spinal vertebrae finally gave out and acquired a condition called spondylolisthesis. It was the injury that made me realize I'm going the wrong path; this was my moment of clarity. I began to search for other methods of training that will not be detrimental to my health. I did my research and discovered Pilates and began doing rehab on my back, It was the perfect choice for me. I realize that Pilates was filling the gap of years of strength training and bodybuilding that had left the main gap of core strength and spinal stabilization. I learned that Pilates integrates one's entire body as one. I went through the 500 hours of STOTT Pilates instructor training program . My mission now is helping people who are suffering from back pain. I used the Pilates methodology as an alternative from pain medications and surgery.