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giovanna ventura

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Born and grown in Bologna, I always loved studying and practicing sport. My formative studies have been really eclectic, ranging from dance to athletics, from classical ones to the degree in Cognitive Psychology. Passion for sport and the scientific approach to the training studies led me very soon to the United States, the fitness mecca. Here, in a few years time, I achieved the most important sports certificates related to the fitness disciplines, perfecting, at the same time, my knowledge in the best California studios and dance schools/academies: Gold’s Gym, Martin Henry’s, Karen Voight’s, MaDonna Grimes Fitness Theatre & Edge . After achieving an important scholarship I’ve been able to work on a movement perception research at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), marrying once again my major interests: sports and cognitive psychology. During my stay in Los Angeles I made a name for myself as a personal trainer, working from Beverly Hills to Bel Air, and as soon as I came back to Italy I started working mostly as consultant, instructor and trainer more and more year after year. In the meanwhile, between trips, I completed my formative studies related to the musical fitness courses and I’ve been noticed by the Italian Fitness Federation directing committee. I started, since 1997, my collaboration with them as a Teacher and Presenter… In the last few years I worked as a Teacher and Presenter in the whole nation, offering as highlight of my style creative and didactically unpredictable lessons. They let me won the Fitness Italia award as year’s Presenter in 2003. In 2003 and 2004 I briskly studied relationships between lipolysis, high consuming exercises and motor performances: I created Training Zone®, a revolutionary training program joining an effective loss of weight to the growth of motor coordination. Since then, TZ has been used in every Italian gym after a didactical Master promoted by FIF, acting as a turning point in group lessons, creating a sort of continuity between toning and choreography, traditionally almost irreconcilable. I’ve been following for years, as a fitness consultant, growth of several gyms in Cagliari, Florence, Perugia, Arezzo, Orvieto, Rome and Bologna, teaching the staff and introducing new ideas about training and communication techniques. As a personal trainer, I’m creating individual training programs used by tens of people, who have therefore been able to make their lives better. I’m teaching my athletes how to find an healthy balance source in sports, both interior and exterior. They have to be conquered by the necessary courses to reach the desired goals... Now I live in Bologna, but I’m always tripping through Italy, Europe and United States to teach and learn new things, because the most beautiful part of my wonderful job is having the chance to study new techniques year after year! In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting what I’ve learned, creating new training programs for my athletes, but also cooking for the people I love and making pictures of the world!