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Get KJ Fit Bootcamp

by Kelly Johnson


The Get KJ Bootcamp is a traveling bootcamp. It's interval cardio and strength training. Meet up is always at the same location as is the finish point, but during the hour session, the scenery is always changing! It is a 6 week program guaranteed to shed body fat, increase strength and flexibility.

About the Presenter

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson IDEA Author/Presenter

I am excited about fitness! Not only am I a motivating presence in the lives of my clients, but I can see firsthand their strength, their appearance, their attitude, their posture and their endurance improve! I have had both women and men thank me for the changes they encounter... I only reply: "You did the work, you have yourself to thank." I look at myself as a teacher more than a trainer: I am not here to create a tricky workout that makes you depend only on my time to get the results. I offer education and motivation to teach you the tools on how to get there yourself. Fitness is a way of life. Work hard, live long!