Full Body Exercise

by Victoria Ratliff Harris


This is one of Victoria's authentic exercises that is meant to work your entire body, from the core to your arms and legs. It can be performed with or without weights.

About the Presenter

Victoria Ratliff Harris

Victoria Ratliff Harris IDEA Author/Presenter

Victoria is a Certified Wellness Coach and CPFT for women. She helps motivate them, creates personal fitness plans, is a boot camp coach, and guides them to beautiful skin and a slimmer body by what they eat! She uses the soul-body-spirit approach and coaches from a Christian perspective to achieve lifelong results that are rewarding and pleasing to God! "It is my ultimate goal to make you a more confident woman with higher self-esteem and a happier life. I want you to know that you are using your temple wisely and treating it with love and care." -Victoria Harris, CWC. Victoria has had fitness training from the best fitness trainers for women in the United States. She began training with Mike Fifrick (www.buckhead.net/fifrick/) of Atlanta in 2002. Since then she has worked with Mike Mauney (www.bodydesignbymike.com/) of North Carolina and Justin Popovicks (www.built2win.com) of New York in 2008. Her independent training lead her to become a Certified Wellness Coach in 2010 and start her own beauty & wellness studio, Victoria & Co., in 2011. In Spring of 2012 Victoria became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through NESTA and is on schedule to have her Master Personal Trainer's Certification from NESTA by the end of this year!