Flash Mob @ the University of Cincinnati

by Ashley Varol (was Berberich)


Our students and our mascot, the Bearcat, practiced and practiced at our Rec Center before performing this Flash Mob. We look forward to doing it again (and have a higher camera angle!). We are SO proud of our students!!!

About the Presenter

Ashley Varol (was Berberich)

Ashley Varol (was Berberich) IDEA Author/Presenter

I am the Employee Wellness Coordinator at the University of Cincinnati, along with adjunct professor at Xavier University, and recently completed my Ph.D. in Health Education at the University of Cincinnati focusing on chronic pain and the role we play to address it. I am a Master Trainer for ACE and for BOSU and love to consider the endless possibilities working on our fitness and wellness can help us reach. I am recently married, and after visiting Turkey (where my husband is from) and seeing how fitness is viewed differently elsewhere, I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge by expanding my reach daily. As a trainer, I love working on health goals over fitness goals-I want people to be healthy enough to get through their day and enjoy helping people realize that it's a personal journey, not a destination. I am "passively aggressive" with my clients, so if you want a drill sergeant, it's not me :) As the Assistant Director, I get to mentor young professionals and seasoned professionals alike. I love teaching my students and staff about new equipment, new techniques, or just going back to the basics. I was fortunate enough to have a great set of mentors when I was coming up through the ranks, and I only hope I can pay that forward, and then some. At a diverse, urban campus like the University of Cincinnati, there are lots of battles to be won. The biggest one being with employee health, hence my role as Committee Co-Chair of the Healthy Living Connection. I enjoy bringing the simplicity of a healthy life to those I work with on a daily basis, as we are all role models to those we meet. If I've sparked a note with you after you've read this, drop me a line!