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Fitness Testimonial: It's never too late!

by Jami Lader Hanna


Judy, a senior citizen, shares her love of Cardio Barre class and how it has improved her life!!!

About the Presenter

Jami Lader Hanna

Jami Lader Hanna IDEA Author/Presenter

It is my passion to teach others about making healthy lifestyle choices in mind, body, and spirit to improve quality of life. I've been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, teaching multiple disciplines of exercise as a group instructor and personal trainer. After suffering a devastating neck/back injury that caused chronic pain for years, I rehabilitated the injury through exercise and lifestyle changes that have helped reduce the pain and increase mobility of the spine. I love to help people of all ages, though I have most recently specialized in Baby Boomers, especially those who are struggling with enjoying exercise and just getting started on a basic exercise regimen. I enjoy watching my clients bloom as they learn or re-learn of physical activity and healthy eating practices. My training philosophy is rooted in positive psychology and functional movement. I love to make people laugh and provide a safe, fun, atmosphere where people can blossom and truly be themselves! Carpe Diem! :)