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Fitness: T-bar Row

by Rudi Marashlian


The T bar row is a great back exercise. Here is a great variation with good form. Go to for more expert fitness videos and advice.

About the Presenter

Rudi Marashlian

Rudi Marashlian IDEA Author/Presenter

I help people from all walks of life – from movie stars and business executives to people recovering from injury and even those who have never been fit before in their lives – to achieve their health and fitness goals so they get the absolute most out of their careers and their lives. I sit down with every person and go over their individual goals – everyone is different – and test them fully before starting an exercise program to establish a starting point and to discover their body’s strengths and weaknesses. I then develop a program that will strengthen those weak points as well as enhance the strong points so the person can reach their full potential physically. Usually a person coming to see me wants some kind of bodily improvement (they want to look better, lose weight, gain strength or increase flexibility) but they also get significant increased energy and overall joie de vivre and, for busy people who work hard and want the most out of life, that is priceless. It’s also a large part of why I do what I do.