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Fitness Revolution Brookfield Owner

by Jeremy Belter


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About the Presenter

Jeremy Belter

Jeremy Belter IDEA Author/Presenter

Physical trainer and fitness coach, helping people gain athleticism, build confidence and live healthier lives. Experienced, versatile fitness coach dedicated to helping people achieve peak performance and health through targeted metabolic training. Veteran of more than 15,000 training sessions whose approach emphasizes resistance training to boost metabolic rate, lose weight and gain strength and speed. Knowledgeable in performance nutrition and customizing workouts to achieve maximum results in targeted windows of time. Former college athlete who has worked with top performers including former Miss Basketball 2012, Division 1 recruit Reed Timmer, former Olympic athletes, former college athletes, business owners and executives, and many others to enhance abilities in basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, hockey and golf. Adept at training in corporate, group or individual one-on-one settings. Devoted philanthropist constantly seeking new ways to tie fitness and sports into fund-raising for non-profit organizations. Previous initiatives donated thousands of dollars to different charities. Passionate, caring, dedicated small business owner with unbridled enthusiasm for networking and helping others. All activities guided by Christian values and philosophy of continual progressive improvement, recognizing individual achievements that build up teams and entire communities.