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Female dancers' 2nd Kettlebell routine for Skechers Fashion Show 2011 Female dancers' 2nd Kettlebell routine for Skechers Fashi

by Delf Enriquez


This choreography was the female counterpart. Notice that some of the moves are similar to the male dancers' which was the stage choreographer's idea (JaQuel -- brilliant guy) It all comes together nicely when you see the final number.

About the Presenter

Delf Enriquez

Delf Enriquez IDEA Author/Presenter

Delf Enriquez is a former Tier4 coach and T4 program manager for Equinox in Century City. He currently trains private clients, teaches various fitness classes for Equinox all around Southern California, and blogs/tweets/posts about anything fitness-related that comes his way. He takes on fitness consulting projects that utilize his many years of successful fitness program management, along with his passion for program design. A former champion in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Delf believes in constant self-improvement and passes along all that he learns, both in fitness, and in life.