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by Everett Ketelhut

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Saginaw Muscle Factory Trainer Everett Ketelhut's Training Montage! For more information on the BEST training for overall Health & Fitness visit www.everettketelhut.com & www.thesaginawmusclefactory.com

About the Presenter

Everett Ketelhut

Everett Ketelhut IDEA Author/Presenter

I have fifteen years of active involvement and experience in health & nutrition related activities and business. My experience includes all types of equipment including clinical equipment for graded exercise testing, submaximal-maximal exercise testing, and VO2 max testing. As an athlete, I have since 1997 through education and knowledge of human physiology been involved in the development of dynamic training based protocols that have become so popular to many today. I have worked with all types of individuals including special populations such as athletes, seniors and overweight/obese children. I am 33 years old and I work as a Full-Time Health Mentor in Detroit, MI. I also run my own personal training business which I will be running out of multiple facilities in the Detroit area. I am very passionate towards health, fitness and sport. I enjoy seeing others reach their goals through Metabolic Bodybuilding, a scientifically proven training program. My training is geared towards improving the aesthetics, fitness, and health of individuals! I am a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Major in Health Fitness in Preventative & Rehabilitative Programs (Exercise Science) and a Minor in Nutrition. More important than any degree or certification is being a doer in my life and living by the Jack Lalanne model of what a fitness instructor should be! I don't just talk it, I LIVE it! I bring a common sense approach to training and have self educated for years and continue daily researching, developing, and testing new exercises and workouts based on the biomechanics & kinesiology of the human machine that will give my clients as much success as possible! I am highly motivated to help everyone reach their health & fitness goals!!