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by Everett Ketelhut

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About the Presenter

Everett Ketelhut

Everett Ketelhut IDEA Author/Presenter

My name is Everett, I am 38 years old (young). My primary position is the Nutritional Health Coach for the Natural Grocers Company, with my home location being in Grand Junction. As the NHC for the region my role will be LIFESTYLE education. I perform outreach throughout the region which requires me to travel to gyms, corporations, small businesses, etc and give seminars and lectures on topics including nutrition, training, supplementation, and overall lifestyle change. Natural Grocers is one of the older Natural Health Food Stores in the country, and their model is based on the CLASSIC Lifestyle, which is getting back to proper nutrition and lifestyle to help people PREVENT illness/disease and increase their health and vitality. They have every kind of organic/natural food and supplement products available on the market today. For any customers or clients I will be performing in office consultations, absolutely a FREE service provided by Natural Grocers. This will allow us to develop a plan of attack and step out on the floor to shop for food, proper supplements (where needed) and be able to follow up with consumer/client progress on a regular basis. The training aspect will be separate of Natural Grocers and will be my own business (Metabolic Bodybuilding) but will be tied into the nutrition education provided FREE by the company. Based on individual needs training can be done telephonically, in-person either at home or on location at gym of choice (where allowed). Education & Background I have a B.S. in Health Fitness In Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs and a B.S. in Nutrition from Central Michigan University which qualified me educationally to work in multiple capacities including: Exercise Specialist Exercise Physiologist Cardiac Rehabilitation Fitness Training/Coaching Prevention/Health-based Training/Nutrition Guidance Nutritionist Eating Disorders I don't consider myself a personal trainer, I consider myself an Educator or Health Coach, teaching individuals LIFESTYLE changes, going against the grain of what much of the fitness industry is currently teaching. I can’t stand the agendas and lies being told to the masses when it comes to "Diets" and "Weight Loss" for $$$$$$ which have caused much of the reoccurring illness that is so widespread. My classroom experience as well as years of in gym work, as well as research and education in Classic Era training principles has given me a wealth of knowledge I would not have following the mainstream industry. I enjoy giving people information about training and nutrition through articles, research, experimentation, etc with the hope that people will learn and implement old school methodology into their training and nutrition with the ultimate hope of using it as their “Medicine”. I am very passionate towards health, fitness and sport and I enjoy seeing others reach their goals through classic style 40-50's era and before Metabolic Bodybuilding and 70-80's era HIT Strength training, both proven training programs which focus on the basics of strength training. I am glad I have the opportunity to help people through in person/online consultation/programming. My training is geared towards improving the aesthetics, fitness, and health of individuals! I offer FREE phone consultations, so if you would like to talk to me about any topic and/or are inquiring about online coaching feel free to contact me!