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Elite X Training Promo

by Derek Unnasch

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Short trailer highlighting activity at Elite X Training

About the Presenter

Derek Unnasch

Derek Unnasch IDEA Author/Presenter

In-Home or In-Studio, I specialize in FUSION TRAINING - a style that will deliver the following results in the fastest time frame possible! * Fat Loss * Muscle toning/Muscle Density * Athletic Conditioning * Butt-Sculpting * Dramatic Increase in ENERGY & HEALTH. And I GUARANTEE Results or your money back! My methodology is EXTREME FUSION TRAINING(EFT). This approach combines the most effective elements of the best exercise regimens to ensure the most rapid results. Every workout involves a combination of: 1.) Weight/Resistance Circuits 2.) Cardio Intervals 3.) Navy SEALS PT 4.) Boxing/MMA Drills 5.) TRX Suspension 6.) Plyometrics 7.) Strongman Drills. EXTREME FUSION TRAINING is NOT for everyone - only those willing to go to extremes to get results. I adjust the training to accommodate all Ages, Abilities and Physical Conditions, so our approach is tailored to the individual. I offer a FREE TRIAL so you can judge for yourself! :D