Dynamic Lower Body Warm-Up Routine

by David Raybin


Try these out before you hit your next leg workout and you will notice a huge difference in mobility! These exercises will help open up your hips and have you moving with better form. Enjoy!

About the Presenter

David Raybin

David Raybin IDEA Author/Presenter

I love everything that involves being active. When I am not training, you can find me out and about, on the basketball court, or in the gym doing my own workouts. I myself know what it is like to start from the bottom, with a very baseline level of fitness, and use my experience of building my own fitness level and apply it to the people I work with. Working with me, you will be held accountable to the goals you have. We will make clear, smart goals that can be achieved. Regardless of how you envision your ideal self, I am able to help get you there.