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Dumbbell Chest Press

by Robert and Vicki Leasure

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The Dumbbell Incline Chest Press is a free-weight exercise designed to engage the stabilizers muscles. Dumbbell movements, like barbell movements recruit additional muscle when training, because you need to stabilize the motion byusing dymamic tension. Dumbbell movements work the arm independently of one another, allowing for a deeper stretch at bottom of movement. The deeper stretch also allows for a stronger contraction and again the recruitment of more muscle fibers, leads to better results through increased lean muscle. To begin this exercise: Adjust the seat to position to about 35 – 45 degrees. Choose dumbbells that will allow you to perform 20 rep’s for 4 sets“ready to begin“ with the lighter dumbbells you won’t need to set them on your knees to start“just sit back in the seat with the dumbbells when you are ready to begin the exercise“begin the exercise in the stretch position with the dumbbells almost resting on the shoulders, palms facing up and parallel with the shoulders“allowing you to push the dumbbells away from your chest“always begin this exercise with feet flat on the floor“take a deep breath and push the dumbbells up and away from the chest“remember to keep the elbows aligned with the grip on the dumbbells which will be parallel with the shoulders“this will isolate the chest muscles“bring the dumbbells up and touch them at the top of the exercise“avoid locking your elbows“now bring them back down as far as you can to hit the full stretch position in order to full activate the muscle fibers“inhale as you bring the dumbbells back to the stretch position“using an even tempo“or a slow controlled motion“repeat for twenty rep’s and rack the weight“always use proper amount of weight that will allow you to complete 20 rep’s“use proper form and avoid locking your elbows out at the top of the exercise“do not bounce the out of the stretch position“and do not perform the movement too fast“it diminishes the effectiveness of the exercise“

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About the Presenter

Robert and Vicki Leasure

Robert and Vicki Leasure IDEA Author/Presenter

Vicki and Robert Leasure: Owner’s of Spartan Training. Robert is ISSA Certified and Vicki is S.M.A.R.T Certified. Both Vicki and Robert share a passion for personal training and have a lifetime of experience in weight loss, exercise, fitness and nutrition. Robert and Vicki having logged in well over 20,000 hours of Personal Training experience, are both qualified Master Trainers and Fitness Experts. Vicki and Robert have been named as "Top Personal Trainers" in a recent 2012 book publication. "Unleash the Body Within" Robert has studied extensively in the fields of Sports Biomechanics and Neuroplasticity specializing in Constrained Induced Movement Therapy. Robert has developed advanced techniques for spinal issues, spinal mobilization, lumbar-pelvic disorders, shoulder injury, knee rehabilitation, core conditioning, and soft-tissue improvement. Robert is also skilled in Active Release Techniques. Robert is currently involved in the ongoing development of techniques integrating neuroplasticity and bio-mechanics for the treatment and recovery of clients who have suffered strokes. Robert is a highly sought-after Fitness Expert for healthy and injured athletes alike from youth sports to the Olympic ranks. Robert currently trains a five time Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder in the 100 meter and 200 meter from to 1992 to 1999 breaking his own record in 96 and breaking it again in 1999 and holding the record for the 200 meter and 100 meter until 2000. Robert is recognized as an athlete in his own right, setting the standard for Spartan Training, with high intensity calisthenics. Robert defined The Spartan Standard exampled in his own 7 day Spartan workout ; 1200 pushups in 1 hour (that’s 20 per minute), squat-thrust 45 minutes non-stop, jumping –jacks 5000 non-stop, walking lunges 1 ½ hours non-stop, dips 1000 in 1 hour (that’s 17 per minute), pull-ups 500 in 1 hour, and set-up routines lasting well over an hour. Robert gives meaning to Spartan Training through his athletic achievements. At 59 years of age, Robert can stand alongside his best athletes and push them to higher levels and inspire them to new heights. The Spartan Challenge! Robert has mastered a 12 year study in Siddha Yoga, and has developed a working understanding of how to effectively apply these teachings to the psychology of weight loss and fitness, and in relation to helping clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Robert applies vision and affirmation techniques that enable the re-programming of the sub-conscious mind, in which fear doubt and anxiety about weight loss are replaced with a positive integration of health and fitness into the client’s lifestyle. Vicki is an accomplished female bodybuilder and enjoys staying fit and exercising. With Robert as her coach, Vicki at the age of 52, Vicki competed in her first NPC Female Bodybuilding contest. She won first place in the Master's division, the Heavyweight division, and the Overall, giving her the title of Ms. NPC Western Regional 2007. At the age of 53 she went on to win the 2008 Arizona NPC Master's, Heavyweight, and Over-all, giving her the title of Ms. NPC Arizona 2008. Vicki followed those wins up with placing 5th in the Heavyweight division of the NPC USA Female Bodybuilding Competition in 2009. Vicki's strength is in her discipline and dedication to health and fitness. Vicki has walked the walk of a healthy lifestyle for well over 50 years. Her gifted talent is in her ability to teach through example, Exercise is an art form and adding that it is especially seen in her beauty and poise during her own training sessions in which she performs each and every exercise like a living work of art. Vicki lives the very lifestyle she teaches. The way you live your life is your message and the Spartan message is a loud and clear, "Healthy Lifestyle."