Dancing Mindfulness News Story: 2012

by Jamie Marich


From WFMJ-Youngstown (2012), feature on Dancing Mindfulness

About the Presenter

Jamie Marich

Jamie Marich IDEA Author/Presenter

For Full Dancing Mindfulness group class schedules with me, go to: http://www.dancingmindfulness.com/events.html Hello everyone!!! If you love to dance but don't like the structure of a formal dance class and you want it to be a spiritual experience, come and check out the Dancing Mindfulness practice! As a trauma counselor, I have long believed in the healing power of the arts and movement. Dancing Mindfulness is the realization of my dream to bring healing in a fun way into community settings. To view a video on Dancing Mindfulness and read more about the practice, visit us at www.DancingMindfulness.com :-)