Dance Class for the Aging

by Tony Bryan, Sr.

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One of my participants kept her coat on because she was so cold. So I warmed her up by having her lead my class!

About the Presenter

Tony Bryan, Sr.

Tony Bryan, Sr. IDEA Author/Presenter

Tony Bryan, CEO of LABFitness, LLC is a Dream Maker! "I would advise one to listen to their heart; and to love what you do. Think of ways to turn it into something productive for you; be a Dream Maker. Continue to reinvent yourself, and become more active in the market. The ball is always in your court and the only way to go far is keep at it." LABFitness LLC’s vision is to become a key source in Creative Functional Movement and Meditation Programming and Wellness Education Services. His Core Purpose is to inspire everyone to lead a Healthy Life style by Moving with Purpose every day. Tony was a successful banker in Trinidad, who, moved to the USA in 1990 to find his purpose. So, with nothing in hand, he dug deep within, and, began his life journey, creating his personal Mission Statement (5F's)-Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun. That very year, he found his passion and purpose in the fitness field. He worked hard, and, being very blessed with many mentors in the wellness field. He was able to create and continue his mission, and to live a humble, healthy and productive lifestyle. He became a fitness presenter for American Aerobics Association International and American Council on Exercise. Later, ventured into corporate fitness and wellness field becoming a respected and award winning Fitness/Wellness Director for Federal Occupational Health (FoH) till resigning in 2013. Four years later, Tony stayed on point to complete his journey on an education pipeline of Wellness services. So, he’s now an Adjunct Education Specialist in Exercise Science at Prince George’s Community College. On occasion, invited to speak at Howard University under Social Services Department on topics pertaining to Wellness Programming for the Aging. He also is a Continuing Education Specialist. Training trainers at conferences in Golf Conditioning and Movement Therapy for the Aging for the American Aerobic Association International, American Council on Exercise, National Aerobic and Fitness Trainers Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), is a Master Trainer for CrossCore and Activmotion Bar. Current Tony is working on Wellness Training Manuals in Golf Fitness Testing and another on Movement and Meditation Therapy for the Aging. Tony also writes golf fitness articles and conducts fitness training videos for Golf Digest and IDEA (American Council on Exercise) Fitness Journal. It's time to ENGAGE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE our elders, our youth and upcoming fitness professionals. He knows that he will never stop evolving, never stop learning, and never retire from what he love doing the most! His Purpose: Motivating People to Move!