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CrossFit Youngstown Preparation Course Week 1 - Prepare for CrossFit, Fitness, Workouts

by CrossFit Youngstown


CrossFit Youngstown! Learn how to do basic movements and workouts to prepare you for class at CrossFit Youngstown. Choose from the following sets: 5x5, 5x10, 10x5 Complete the following movements at the chosen set. Each day for 1 week. Air Squats (days 1, 6) Push-ups (days 2, maybe 5) Sit-ups (day 4) Ring Rows (day 5, if ring rows are not possible, go back to push-ups. Post results to comments in terms of how your body feels, how well you performed the movements, which move you felt the strongest at and which you felt the weakest! Post questions or email to Have YOU been searching for an exercise program... ...Where the coaches actually pay attention to YOU? ...Where you don't HAVE to count calories or spend hours at the gym? ...Where you actually look FORWARD and WANT to show up to the gym? CrossFit Youngstown is the perfect solution for YOU! For the Next Few Weeks, CrossFit Youngstown is offering their highly Recommended Intro class FREE for a limited time (valued at $20). At the FREE Intro, You Will Learn All About CrossFit and You Will Begin Your Journey To Optimal Health and Fitness Right Away!

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