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Combine 360 from IDEA World Convention

by Gretchen Eisenberg


Watch these ladies give all they've got straight through the very end! Impressive and inspiring!

About the Presenter

Gretchen Eisenberg

Gretchen Eisenberg IDEA Author/Presenter

My name is Gretchen Eisenberg. I'm a personal trainer, certified through NSPA since 2006. I'm also accredited by AACC as a life coach since 2011. Additionally, I'm blessed with six wonderful kids--a 25 year old daughter I was blessed to receive through marriage to her father, a 19 year old son who loves to run and play guitar, a 17 year old daughter who loves fashion and running (and is my own personal clean-eating food police), a 15 year old son whose passion is art, an 14year old daughter who was born to play violin and do gymnastics, and an 11 year old daughter who has the rest of the family wrapped around her little fingers (or so she thinks). When I'm not personal training, chances are I'm running to/from one of the kids' various activities, reading a good book, or getting my workouts in to strive toward my figure competition goals.