Cobra 2 Arm Standing - Free Motion Cable Machine

by Curtis Selby




About the Presenter

Curtis Selby

Curtis Selby IDEA Author/Presenter

I've been working in the fitness field for 17 years now. I began as a trainer and then transitioned into group fitness a few years later. I really enjoy what I do. It’s great when I'm able to turn something that can be a chore to most people into a lot of fun. I've also had success working with clients who have hit the wall with their workouts. I'm able to take them to the next level with my upbeat sense of humor, years of training experience and education in the fitness field. As a trainer, I work with normal everyday people and clients who have special needs. As for group fitness, I currently teach the following types of classes: Cycling, Boot Camp, Sport Conditioning and Strength Conditioning. I work very hard at designing challenging workouts that keep my clients and class members constantly engaged. I'm sure that If you were to ask any of my class attendees or personal training clients they would tell you they never know what to expect. They also know that it will be a very well thought out experience. I put a lot of thought, time and energy into designing and researching workouts for each individual I work with. In classes, I’m able to modify all of the exercises to fit the level of the client. Customer service is always at the top of my list. My clients learn to be very comfortable in the gym, working with me and feel that I'm on their team helping them get the results they want. I can very happily say I’ve been successful in helping my clients attain their goals.