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Chronic Pain Treatment Using Self-Myofascial Release - Psoas Muscle Release

by Riaz Fredericks


If you have lower back pain, chances are, your psoas muscle is tight. In this video Riaz shows you how to release the psoas muscle to help provide relief from chronic lower back pain.

About the Presenter

Riaz Fredericks

Riaz Fredericks IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a former professional rugby player with a long history of spinal injuries. Those injuries ultimately lead to years of chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. After overcoming my condition by practicing self-myofscial techniques, fused with yoga poses and pilates exercises. I designed the first fitness program focused on overcoming chronic pain, the Bula Ball Method. The Bula Ball Method uses simple low impact exercises to increase muscle length, stimulate blood flow, reduce pain and promote healing. Our holistic approach restores muscle imbalances and improves poor postural habits which leads to long-term pain relief and builds a pathway to total fitness.