Cardiopump Fusion

by Brook Benten Jimenez


Cardiopump Fusion DVD includes a Power Yoga warm-up; Restorative Yoga cool-down; Fusion chapter- blending Kick boxing, Plyometrics, Athletic Conditioning, Sports Drills, and Bootcamp; Cardio Kettlebell; and Kettlebell Crank chapters. No equipment is needed for Fusion chapter, but a kettlebell is needed for the Crank and Cardio Kettlebell workouts. This DVD is designed for the fitness enthusiast looking to get in serious shape!!

About the Presenter

Brook Benten Jimenez

Brook Benten Jimenez IDEA Author/Presenter

Wellness, to me, is trekking through life, soaking up the goodness and trailblazing past the muck. It is nurturing the body and soul with movement, compassion, companionship, service to others, laughter, rest, love, and prayer.