Butt Exercise Workout Video: No equipment needed!

by Stefany Adinaro


I love how this workout turned out...fun, unique, and effectively targets the glutes! We shot this one at an RV factory in Ohio for www.thefitrv.com website. RVers, especially, need to work their glutes, as too much sitting causes the muscles to atrophy and decreases circulation to the area. Try this workout and watch your bootie transform!

About the Presenter

Stefany Adinaro

Stefany Adinaro IDEA Author/Presenter

Greetings! I am based out of the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, and I also offer in-home personal training. Whether it be older adults, teens, post-injury rehab, or challenging medical conditions, I believe that it's never to late to unleash your potential. My entire career has been devoted to fitness and health in various capacities; as a Physical Education and Health teacher, a graduate instructor for the Special Physical Education department of a public university, and as a national speaker on topics involving exercise and special needs. I also maintain a popular website for RVers that works to promote a more health conscious RVing lifestyle: www.thefitrv.com. Ready for a transformation? Call me today!