Bosu punches

by Viktoria Bozsoki

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Stand on an upside down bosu with knees bent, chest up, slightly bent over and punch it out. I used 8lbs weights. I wouldn't recommend going higher because it will slow you down. This is great for balance, core, speed, legs and arms, all the while getting your heart rate up

About the Presenter

Viktoria Bozsoki

Viktoria Bozsoki IDEA Author/Presenter

From big to fit. Four years ago I completely changed my life, dropped over 75lbs, became healthy and am now an ACSM certified personal trainer. I want to help people be happy, healthy and the best self they can be. I know how great I feel now. I had some great motivators, it is now my turn to give back and to pay it forward. If you're up for the challenge, come train with me.