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BOSU Breakthrough!! Demo

by Hashim Mteuzi


BOSU Breakthrough!! is a functional training class that leverages the BOSU Balance Trainer to fire up your metabolism, and increase your athleticism. Be prepared to work on strength, stability, stamina, speed, and agility. BOSU Breakthrough!! your fitness plateaus!

About the Presenter

Hashim Mteuzi

Hashim Mteuzi IDEA Author/Presenter

Hashim was born and raised in Oakland, CA. While growing up, he played American football and studied the martial art of Capoeira. At the age of 18, he became a vegetarian after identifying meat consumption as the cause of his then, respiratory issues.  Since then, he's put his athletic background and affinity for nutrition to good use - he was awarded first place in a NGA Natural Body Building competition, is an accomplished NASM Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist, and is an inspiring group TRX, BOSU, and Nike Training Club Instructor. In 2013, Hashim decided to take it all to another level launching Plant Powered Fitness, and converting to veganism.  He has evolved to living an ethical, environmental-friendly, and healthy lifestyle through plant based food.  His philosophy is energy from nourishment, not stimulation. Recognized amongst his peers as the foremost authority on plant-based nutrition, Hashim not only helps his clients achieve their fitness goals, but to evolve as human beings.