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Bosu ball balance training with shoulder press

by Kristen Kindred

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The girls are standing on the Bosu ball to work on balance as well as core.. You are keeping your core tight to stay balanced on the ball. They are incorporating a shoulder press as well to again, target several body parts, muscles in one exercise.

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Kristen Kindred

Kristen Kindred IDEA Author/Presenter

LET ME TRAIN YOU:)) Ten years ago I started on a weight loss journey.. I was very heavy, out of shape and miserable. After having one child then a set of twins, two years later I was still carrying all that "baby weight". I decided I was sick of being tired, overweight and lazy.. I signed up for my first 5k road race and that was the day my "new life" began.. I stared doing lots of cardio. Although I was slowly losing weight, it wasn't enough. I decided it was going to be a PRIORITY to get back in shape! I hired a personal trainer and she helped me with weight/strength training.. The rest is history.. The weight came off and I have never been in this good of shape in my life. So... I decided I wanted to help others reach their goals. I went back to school and got a Certificate in Exercise Science and then passed the ACE exam. I have been a on both ends of the road.. I am excited to help people reach their goals, big or small, just as someone helped me.. I am willing to work with you on your schedule and help you see results! Its hard work but the rewards are so sweet!!