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Les Mills BODY FLOW is a yoga, and pilates based workout that uses yoga postures and pilates moves to help strengthen and tone your body, increase core strength while stretching out tight muscles, and reduces stress.

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april goldberg

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I was just your average participant who attended BODYPUMP regularly and was 20 pounds overweight until one night after class, my BODYPUMP instructor noticed how intently I studied her form, technique, and loyal attendance to her class that she took me under her wing, became my personal trainer in which I lost the 20 extra pounds and encouraged me to become a BODYPUMP instructor myself. I was thinking, "Are you kidding? I could never do that!" It looked way too hard for me to do, and I wasn't very confident and was terrified of being front of a group of people. She convinced me I could be anything I wanted to be and do whatever I wanted if I would only believe in myself and wanted it bad enough. I ended up trusting her judgement and took a leap of faith, and I went for it! I passed my first time through training which built my confidence that I ended up going for my BODYFLOW certfication 6 months later, and continued my new life as a fitness professional learning as much as I could and continue to challenge myself and believe that I can be or do anything I want. I also became certified through AFAA, FiTour, BOX MANIA, BTS, SCW Fitness and teach multiple formats of group fitness classes, Personal Training, and also became Group Fitness Director for a Gym in which I worked at for 3 years in the group fitness department. I later took two Silver Sneakers workshops to expand on my knowledge and branch out to the older population as well. A year later I took a TRX Group Suspension course to up skill once again. I began working more in the office at Impact Fitness and became an office assistant working in sales. I continued to teach a variety of group classes and trained clients. Pretty much whatever I could do to be involved in fitness! I love to teach classes and help educate people and motivate them to live healthier lives. It is the best and most rewarding part of my job to be the one to influence people who were once like me to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams and goals no matter how big a reach it seems to be because if I can do it, ANYONE can! I love being in the fitness field because it is so rewarding for me to be able to help people to not only change their habits, but to change their lives!